Chief Clinical Officer


Kristine Mooney, M.Ed., LBA, BCBA, CPCO is a licensed Behavior Analyst and Certified Professional Compliance Officer, who began working in the field with individuals with developmental disabilities in 2006. While obtaining her undergraduate degree in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences at the University of Arizona, she worked as a habilitation provider, where she was fortunate to work closely with a BCBA. Through those experiences, Kristine was able to see the positive impact that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can have, while targeting language and behavior related challenges together. Since that time, Kristine has been passionate about continuing her education and skill repertoire as a clinician and disseminating behavior analysis through collaboration with other direct care providers, parents/caregivers and professionals. Since obtaining her master’s degree in Special Education Collaboration and Consultation, with an Autism emphasis, from Arizona State University in 2011, Kristine has gained extensive experience working directly with young children and their families, conducting assessments, developing treatment plans and protocols, analyzing data and reporting on client progress, providing supervision to behavior technicians, Registered Behavior Technicians® (RBT®s) and BCBA® applicants, leading parent trainings and consultation, and collaborating with other key stakeholders on client teams. In addition, Kristine gained widespread experiences as an assistant clinical director, related to organizational behavior management (OBM), including, but not limited to, the establishment of and maintenance of quality assurance measures, conducting competency-based assessments of team members and providing performance feedback, developing and monitoring organizational systems for sustainable growth and improved client outcomes, and coordinating interdepartmental functioning.  In addition to her clinical and managerial experiences, Kristine has also been active in the leadership of the Arizona Association for Behavior Analysis (AzABA) since 2016, where she serves on the Board of Directors as the Secretary and co-chair of the Program Committee.

Chief Executive Advisor


Dr. Diana Davis-Wilson, DBH, LBA, BCBA is a licensed Behavior Analyst, with several years of experience providing consultation and training to families, school districts, and organizational personnel nationwide. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science, a Master’s Degree in Special Education, and a Doctorate of Behavior Health with an emphasis on integrated health care management. For over 10 years Dr. Davis-Wilson served as the clinical director of an Arizona-based autism provider organization, overseeing applied behavior analysis programs for hundreds of children statewide. Through this work, Dr. Davis-Wilson created an extensive curriculum-based supervision program which included sustainable employment opportunities, staff training and professional development for hundreds of aspiring professionals and students. In addition to the experiences she gained as a clinical director, Dr. Davis-Wilson currently serves on several boards in Arizona, including the Association for Behavior Analysis (AzABA), the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Autism Advisory Council, the Glendale Community College Behavior Health Sciences Occupational Advisory Board (BHS-OAB) and as a governor appointed board member with the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners. In addition to her local experiences, Dr. Diana Davis-Wilson serves as an adjunct faculty member for universities nationwide and serves as an advisory board member of the Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence (BHCOE). Dr. Davis-Wilson has a passion for working closely with other professional organizations, providing education, advocacy and public policy guidance on early access to care, best practice, and evidence-based treatment. Additionally, Dr. Davis-Wilson has a passion for providing law enforcement training in the areas of autism, developmental disabilities, crisis response and behavior analysis.

Clinical Supervisor


Rebecca White

Rebecca White, M.A., BCBA is a licensed behavior analyst who began working with children in the classroom setting while obtaining her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education at Western New Mexico University. During this time she was active in mentorship and leadership programs supporting upcoming Student Athletes as the President of The Student Athlete Counsel. Rebecca was introduced to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in California in 2011, starting her career off as a behavior technician working with individuals with a range of disabilities in the home and school setting. The meaningful change her clients and families experienced strengthened her passion for helping people and motivated her to continue her education and training. Rebecca expanded her experience obtaining her Masters of Arts in Psychology/ Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy at National University. During this time she completed an internship providing group and individual counseling for substance abuse groups and individuals seeking reunification with their families. Highlighting the importance of behavior change, Rebecca continued to pursue the BCBA coursework at Florida Institute of Technology. Rebecca worked as a case supervisor, clinical supervisor, and staff trainer over a four year span. Coupling her background in Education, Psychology, and ABA she identified her passion in efficient and effective training, paired with strong mentorship. Rebecca is a member of the Arizona Association for Behavior Analysis (AzABA) and the Association of Professional Behavior Analysis (APBA).

Training Interventionists

Colten Oliver


Colten Oliver has been working in the educational field since 2012. While majoring in psychology as part of his undergraduate degree at Arizona State University, Colten obtained extensive experience in behavior science, cognitive psychology, and conducting research. During these experiences working with individuals between early childhood through adulthood as an instructor, lead research technician, behavior technician and lead therapist, he developed a passion for working with individuals of all ages and abilities and making socially significant improvements in their lives through the utilization and dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Colten completed his masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorders from Ball State University and is working on his supervised fieldwork experience with the intent of becoming eligible for certification and licensure as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Colten is a member of the Arizona Association for Behavior Analysis (AzABA) and is actively engaged in utilizing his knowledge, experiences and application of ABA within and outside of the developmental disability population while implementing competency-based training to individuals involved in behavior change across environments.

Suzy Face


Suzy Face has been working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 2012, soon after earning her undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University with a dual-major in psychology and philosophy. Throughout her experiences as an instructional assistant, direct care provider, classroom teacher, clinical interventionist, field supervisor and program specialist, Suzy has developed a passion for disseminating the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to parents, staff members, and colleagues across clinical settings while continuing her professional development in the field of ABA. In addition to her extensive experience managing teams, creating behavior plans, conducting ongoing trainings for staff, and teaching family members the principles and application of ABA, Suzy has also obtained certification in PMT® (Parent Management Training), a systematic training that involves principles of learning theory and behavior modificationand Level 1 in PEAK®, an emerging language and cognitive training technology in classroom and clinical settings.  Currently, Suzy attends The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she is completing coursework toward her masters degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis and supervised fieldwork experiences with the intent of becoming eligible for certification and licensure as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Suzy is a member of the Arizona Association for Behavior Analysis (AzABA) and actively participates in the ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) special interest group and recently co-presented at the 2018 AzABA Annual Conference.